Inching Closer

Learning and moving forward

This week, Chris joined Khun Roontip and some of her students from Kasetsart University in a visit to Wongwian Wai, an area with dozens of stores that specialize in fashion accessories. 

The goals of the trip were to learn about the market's offerings in general, as well as to select options for our prototypes as we work to finalize our initial products. 

For the prototypes, we were looking for key hooks and rings for shoulder straps. Fortunately, the market offered a seemingly endless array of both, and high quality. The pic below shows a portion of the key hooks available at one shop.

After the Kasetsart team headed back to campus, Chris grabbed a nice bowl of noodles in the market.

We managed to select several promising options and sent them back to the lab for testing. We'll have updates on that and info on our coming crowdfunding campaig in the new year. For now, here's wishing you happy holidays from the Morph team. :)


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