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2021 has been quite a year. Trying to launch closed loop products with a unique production cycle-during a pandemic-has been interesting. Things are taking longer than we'd like, but with the support of our partners at Kasetsart University, we're making good progress and moving closer to our initial product launch. 

We are working with independent seamstresses, rather than setting up a factory. We expect this approach will take some time to iron out, so we'll start small and build up our capacity over time. Quality is our priority, so we'll take longer if needed.

We're looking to launch by Q2 of 2022 with a tote and probably one other style. An example of our tote is posted below. It's lightweight, flexible, and sturdy. We have a slightly larger one that I use for everyday market trips and it handles a 15-20 lb. load with no signs of wear.

Also, we launched our Instagram, so please follow us there and join the conversation! 


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