• Carried by Purpose

    Morph is the product of a deep desire to help shift society towards the circular economy in broadly beneficial ways. Instead of pursuing the usual profit maximization approach, we're trying to prove a model that works with community members to make our bags and do so with fair wages for the people who do the work. Our founders have long worked to enable this transition in their work at Linear to Circular, and they are committed to continuing on this path.


    Morph aims to avoid waste. Our current efforts involve reused materials that would otherwise go to landfills. These products were possible thanks to a business owner heeding our founder's call to "Bring us your waste." They offered the opportunity to experiment with some of their waste materials, which we took to our partners at the Home Economics lab at Kasetsart University (led by Dr. Roongtip Luilao). They've helped us develop attractive prototypes, and they've also supported our launch efforts. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the team at the lab. We wouldn't be where we are without their help.


    Once Morph's initial products take flight, we're planning to develop products with unwanted garment remains (the materials leftover from the manufacturing process) and recycled materials as well. And we have multiple interesting possibilities that other businesses have brought to us that we're already experimenting with. We'll provide updates


    With each project and product, the aim is to help show ways to use wasted things for social benefit while reducing the demand for raw materials. Please join us in this quest.

  • Our Approach

    Morph is a circular economy instigator. We make waste into socially useful products. We're currently finishing up Phase 2 with our initial products, totes made from lightweight, durable materials that we rescue from landfills.

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    We work to identify waste opportunities that we could convert into socially valuable products.



    We generateideas that fit the context of the opportunity.



    We test the ideas with our partners and develop them into workable products.



    Once a product is developed, we set up production and go to market.

  • Morph is working to be part of a sustainable world for all our grandchildren's grandchildren.

    Please join us on this journey.

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